Online Referral

MNCCLC aims to work cooperatively with community organisations and services in the region. This form is a simple way for services to provide information about a client’s problem quickly and easily without going through the full intake process.

We do ask that services provide some additional information about their client’s legal issues. We also ask that if you would like us to talk to you about your client’s problem that you obtain a written authority from them for this purpose.

To refer a client, please complete the Online Referral Form.


What do we do?

We aim to provide safe, reliable and accessible legal and related services that empower disadvantaged members of the Mid North Coast community to use the law, legal system and other support services to protect and advance their rights.

Who can the CLC provide legal advice for?

MNCCLC provides free, independent legal advice for clients living in Midcoast (Taree), Kempsey Shire, Port Macquarie-Hastings, Nambucca Shire, Bellingen Shire and Coffs Harbour (south of Woolgoolga). MNCCLC provides legal advice, information and referrals in a range of civil law matters, and prioritises vulnerable clients within its target.

What are things that MNCCLC lawyers can’t do? Like all solicitors, MNCCLC solicitors have to comply with legal ethical rules such as maintaining confidentiality and avoiding potential conflicts of interest which sometimes prevents us providing advice to some people.

MNCCLC can’t provide advice in the following areas of law:

  • Wills and Estates
  • Property and conveyancing
  • Commercial law
  • Personal injuries
  • Immigration
  • Workers Compensation

MNCCLC also won’t provide advice to:

  • Employers in their capacity as an employer
  • Businesses
  • Landlords against tenants